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TMSH Staff

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Our Staff Team

The Guild Council: 


I. Headmaster: Tom (professortom)

II. Deputy Headmistress: Melow (melow89)

III. Head Goblin: Jenn (jennxmay)

IV. Head of ActivitiesCalliope (jinxybliss)

V. Head of Academics: Open

The Heads of House: 

Head of Slytherin: Melow (melow89)

Head of Hufflepuff: Jenn (jennxmay)

Head of GryffindorHope (professorgranger)

Head of Ravenclaw: Calliope (jinxybliss)


Astronomy: Position Open

Ancient Runes: Position Open

Arithmancy: Position Open

CO Magical Creatures: Alicia (naturally_rad)

Charms:  Tom (professortom) Temporary

Divination:  Calliope (jinxybliss) 

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Jenn (jennxmay)

Herbology:  Calliope (jinxybliss) 

History of Magic: Position Open

Muggle Studies: Position Open

Transfiguration: Melow (melow89)

**** If you are interested in being on the staff, send an owl to Professor Tom. Please include your username and house. Owl Post to:

 Temporary Positions ARE OPEN!

TMSH- Our History

The Magic School Hogwarts was created in July 2001 as a Neopets Guild. The original creator was a 12-year-old girl from Hong Kong with the username Rosros and her brother Ron (ronaldhui). Many dedicated staff members helped to run this guild throughout the most active years. Most notably are Snow, Crys, Mandy, IF, Nancy, and Melow. This guild was created in the height of the Harry Potter craze, therefore, by 2005 the guild was 7,000 members strong. As the many staff members who worked through the years "aged out" of Neopets, TMSH slowly died out. In December 2022, the former Head of Gryffindor from 2004-2005 (Professor Tom) became nostalgic and attempted to see if this old guild still existed. The only thing that remained was the dead shell of a Neopets guild with no activity.

After much digging, the only other person found from the original staff was Melow (Current Deputy Headmistress and Head of Slytherin). Tom decided that he would recreate this guild as Headmaster. The new Neopets guild has been created and is in the works. We owe this experience to our predecesors. 

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